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Leslie John Lohmann, FSA, FCIA, CCP
Canadian Pension Actuaries, United States Enrolled Actuaries and Employee Benefit Consultants Serving the International Community
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Last Updated January 20, 2006
Quick Consulting Service

We provide an invaluable service to executives coming to Japan. We will answer your questions concerning expatriate benefits, Japanese pension and severance systems for up to one hour by telephone.

Executives considering an assignment overseas will find this service particularly valuable during these times of corporate cutbacks; what perquisites can you give up and when is it appropriate to give them up? What is an "efficient purchaser" and why it is an issue? There are literally 1,000's of U.S. dollars per month difference between the worst and best deals, but remember, a deal that leads to failure saved your company nothing and may cost you your career.

Corporate Human Resource executives interested in the best ways of saving $1,000's per month without sacrificing quality of life should also call. When should you expect an Expatriate employee to become an "efficient purchaser?" For the company, success in the assignment is the only important measure. Remember the acid test when trying to compare cost and productivity of your Expatriate employees; if an indigenous person could do the job, don't bring in an Expat, hire or assign the indigenous person.

Executives coming to Japan to discuss employee benefits, especially pension/retirement plans have the most to gain from this service. Recently, with only a few hours of our time, we saved our client over $100,000 (yes, U.S. dollars) per year. Pension systems are very different here from those in North America and Europe. Eliminate the costly impacts of your cultural biases before making these critical decisions affecting your bottom line.

To implement this service, please take the following steps:

Having spoken to us in advance of your trip will allow you to save at least the cost of your trip and our fees in most circumstances. Make your trip a successful business trip instead of a tour forced on you by your local Japanese staff who would rather have had you stay at home!

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