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Leslie John Lohmann, FSA, FCIA, CCP
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Last Updated January 20, 2006

The Lohmann International Actuarial Report

The report is designed to provide everything that a Japan accounting rules, FRS 17, IAS 19 or FAS 87/106 reviewer/auditor might need to know that the work was done professionally and to the highest standard in the world. The scope of this retirement/pension plan report goes beyond minimum requirements;

And much, much more. Incidentally, where the retirement plan auditor needs something outside our normal scope, we will begin providing it with every valuation after that.

The Lohmann International Actuarial Report provides an extremely cost-effective approach to resolving the retirement plan accounting issues that you might encounter, including minimizing expensive auditor time. Our business philosophy is to solve your problems before they become your problems.

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