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Last Updated January 20, 2006
Free Software

Newly added mortality tables. Two replaced. See below.

There are no warranties with these programs or their supporting files. The programs verify their own integrity (including a careful check of the help file), so do not use virus protection that changes the file; you will get a file-integrity exception and be unable to use the program until you remove the inoculation. The programs are designed to be capable of being run without reading the directions; remember that "real (wo)men" don't read directions! If you have some knowledge of the subject of the program, you should be able to use it without difficulty. They have been tested thru Windows 98 and should work with most language versions, although the programs themselves are 100% English.

If you discover a functionality that you think should be in the programs, please drop me an E-mail making your request. Particularly with ANNUITY, I want these programs to be the best at what they are trying to do. They should not crash and they should be very fast and accurate, regardless of your needs.

Download files (zipped programs or zipped mortality tables) by placing the mouse pointer over the name of the one you want, then, while holding the shift key, click the file name. All files must be unzipped for use. They are not self extracting - to reduce the risk of viruses. All programs remain the property of Lohmann International Associates.

Each program includes a WIN9x PIF file (called a "DOS shortcut" in windows explorer). The PIF expects the programs and all support files to be on your "c:" disk in directory "LOHMANN." If this is not the case, change the properties of the shortcut (.PIF) file to reflect actual location. The PIF file is not a security check file and can be changed to meet the requirements of your system. The PIF sets the programs to run in a window so that you can cut needed information and paste it in other applications where needed.

Each program has security elements. It checks to make sure that no changes have been made to itself or any of the support files provided with it after unzipping. If any change is detected, the program will halt with a serious "File compromised" message. Note that you should be very careful not to "save" the help file if you are reading it with a wordprocessing program as they sometimes add a few bytes here and there and these programs will fail when they check the ".TXT" file and discover the change. If you get such a message and you are sure you do not have a virus, please get a new copy from this site. Decrement tables added after you have started using ANNUITY are thoroughly checked for integrity but do not have to remain on your system. The original ones must remain available. Except for the original ".ZIP" and any ".PIF" files, do not erase or alter any of the original files. The original .ZIP files can be safely deleted, although you may want to keep them for backup.

Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved

AMORTIZE (shift left-click the name to download) is a DOS-based amortization schedule generator. It permits you to enter the various elements concerning your mortgage, then creates a schedule for the dates you want. Shows actual dates instead of merely payment numbers. Very useful in checking interest deductions reported by your mortgage holder at tax-time. Updated for year 2000 issues, you can now start an amortization schedule after 12/2001.

Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved

ANNUITY (shift left-click the name to download) is a DOS-based life-annuity present value (single-shot) generator. It does not use commutation functions, instead relying on first principles including compound interest for payments more frequent than annual; this will produce differences from other programs that use the less accurate commutation methods and simple interest. Specially formatted decrement tables are used to produce the key certain (guaranteed), single-life and joint-life annuity values instantly (even on a "286" - remember them?) including joint-life with separate tables for each life or double-decrement (independent). It permits select interest rates up to an interest change for every year of the remaining life of the subjects. It also produces some esoteric, boring and not-so-useful factors (joint annuities with pop-ups for example...union administrators check it out!)

Note that individual mortality values are not available from the tables here; the tables are specially formatted to preserve integrity of the programs and to avoid copyright issues where a particular table may be owned by an individual or organization. Lohmann International Associates owns the copyright for this particular presentation and the algorithms used are trade secrets.

Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved

The following decrement tables are available. If yours is not here, please send us the Q's and we will format the table and post it. As with the programs, place your mouse pointer over the table you want, then hold the shift key and click the left button. Please note that, as always, you should check results to ensure that these programs meet your needs; there can be errors in the decrement tables due to an error in original sources or in transcription. When notified of errors, we will endeavor to correct them. Also, where the creators of any particular table did not close it off with 100% mortality, we have added one more year and closed it with 100%.

Decrement Tables and Projection Scales for Use with ANNUITY

Newly added tables: USL99T, USL99M & USL99F (Rates based on the US 1999 life tables extended from 100 by Anderson).

GAM83 Unisex
is precisely made from the two gender-distinct tables as (Qm+Qf)/2. 83GATT is the IRS version and reflects their inability to handle Q's with more than 6 decimal places plus some other quirks. SPC83U is the Society of Actuaries version of the same table. While the differences between the tables are small, they are, nonetheless, different.

Draft 1985-90 Basic Tables available. Use cautiously.
Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved -------------------------
  • 80ssam - US, SSA AS 107, 1980, Age Nearest, Male
  • 83gatt - GAM1983, Unisex, IRS version
  • 859flu - 1985-90 Basic Female, ALB, Ultimate - Draft
  • 859fnu - 1985-90 Basic Female, ANB, Ultimate - Draft
  • 859mlu - 1985-90 Basic Male, ALB, Ultimate - Draft
  • 859mnu - 1985-90 Basic Male, ANB, Ultimate - Draft
  • 90ssam - US, SSA AS 107, 1990, Age Nearest, Male
  • 91canm - Canada 1991, (WHB), Age Nearest, Male
  • buk95f - Buck 1995 Female
  • buk95h - Buck 1995 Male Hourly
  • buk95m - Buck 1995 Male
  • cnl90f - Canada Life 1990-92, Female
  • cnl90m - Canada Life 1990-92, Male
  • tablen - ERISA Table "LN"
  • gam51m - Group Annuity Mortality 1951, Male
  • gam71f - Group Annuity Mortality 1971, Female
  • gam71m - Group Annuity Mortality 1971, Male
  • gam83f - Group Annuity Mortality 1983, Female
  • gam83m - Group Annuity Mortality 1983, Male
  • gam83u - Group Annuity Mortality 1983, Unisex
  • gam94f - Group Annuity Mortality 1994, Female
  • gam94m - Group Annuity Mortality 1994, Male
  • gar94f - Group Annuity Reserving 1994, Female
  • gar94m - Group Annuity Reserving 1994, Male
  • hkt71f - Hong Kong Life Table for 1971, Female
  • hkt71m - Hong Kong Life Table for 1971, Male
  • hkt81f - Hong Kong Life Table for 1981, Female
  • hkt81m - Hong Kong Life Table for 1981, Male
  • iam71f - 1971 US Individual Annuitant Mortality, Female
  • iam71m - 1971 US Individual Annuitant Mortality, Male
  • iam96f - Individual Annuity Basic Mortality 1996, Female
  • iam96m - Individual Annuity Basic Mortality 1996, Male
  • iab00f - Individual Annuity Basic Mortality 2000, Female
  • iab00m - Individual Annuity Basic Mortality 2000, Male
  • iam00f - Individual Annuity Mortality 2000, Female
  • iam00m - Individual Annuity Mortality 2000, Male
  • epf91f - Japan EPF Table #91, Female Active
  • epf91m - Japan EPF Table #91, Male Active
  • epf91s - Japan EPF Table #91, Female Retiree
  • epf91r - Japan EPF Table #91, Male Retiree
    Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved
  • jlt15f - Japan Life Table #15 (1980), Female
  • jlt15m - Japan Life Table #15 (1980), Male
  • jlt16f - Japan Life Table #16 (1985), Female
  • jlt16m - Japan Life Table #16 (1985), Male
  • jlt17f - Japan Life Table #17 (1990), Female
  • jlt17m - Japan Life Table #17 (1990), Male
  • nzi95f - New Zealand Insured Female 1995
  • nzi95m - New Zealand Insured Male 1995
  • rp00cf - RP2000 Female Combined Healthy
  • rp00cm - RP2000 Male Combined Healthy
  • rp00df - RP2000 Female Disabled Retiree
  • rp00dm - RP2000 Male Disabled Retiree
  • rp00ef - RP2000 Female Employee (age 70 max)
  • rp00em - RP2000 Male Employee (age 70 max)
  • rus94f - Russian Population Female 1994
  • rus94m - Russian Population Male 1994
  • sob80f - 1975-80 SOA Basic ultimate Female, Age nearest, Interpolated Quinquennials
  • sob80m - 1975-80 SOA Basic ultimate Male, Age nearest, Interpolated Quinquennials
  • sol80f - 1975-80 SOA Basic ultimate Female, Age last, Interpolated Quinquennials
  • sol80m - 1975-80 SOA Basic ultimate Male, Age last, Interpolated Quinquennials
  • spc83f - GAM 1983 Female - Society of Actuaries Version
  • spc83u - GAM 50/50 Unisex - Society of Actuaries Version
  • up84 - "UP84" Unisex Mortality
  • up94m - 1994 Uninsured Pensioner Male
  • up94f - 1994 Uninsured Pensioner Female
  • USL99F - U.S. Life 1999 Female, Anderson extension from 100
  • USL99M - U.S. Life 1999 Male, Anderson extension from 100
  • USL99T - U.S. Life 1999 Total, Anderson extension from 100
    Projection Scales
    Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved -------------------------
  • scalaf - Projection Scale AA, Female
  • scalam - Projection Scale AA, Male
  • scaldf - Projection Scale D, Female
  • scaldm - Projection Scale D, Male
  • scalee - Projection Scale E, probably male
  • scalgf - Projection Scale G, Female
  • scalgm - Projection Scale G, Male
  • scalhf - Projection Scale H, Female
  • scalhm - Projection Scale H, Male
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  • The program uses the name (case-insensitive) indicated to find the table in the same directory as the program itself.

    Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved

    INTERVAL (shift left-click the name to download) calculates the number of years between two dates (Julian or Japanese or mixed), to the day (counting leap years) of the year, the day of the month and the three monthly rounding rules - up, really round, completed. It's fast and accurate and does Japanese calendar dates also. Stop using fingers and toes, the program knows! Use it to see how old you really are, then use ANNUITY to see what a life annuity for you is worth!

    Note that INTERVAL ignores the 6 or 7 days that make up Showa 64 and treats them as Heisei 1. If enough people complain about this, I'll fix it.
    Copyright © 2006 Lohmann International Associates All Rights Reserved

    MORTGAGE (shift left-click the name to download) calculates the best deal in competing mortgage situations by determining the underlying true yield from all of the points, etc. It's fast and accurate. Use it to make your next best deal.

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